Halloween Weekend

Halloween was really fun this year! Preston was the Big Bad Wolf and Margo was Little Red Riding Hood. I have to admit that both of these were solely Preston’s idea, and he was thrilled with both costumes! He is so creative and fun, and really enjoyed every aspect of Halloween this year.

Since Halloween fell on a Friday, I ended up taking a half day at work to attend both kids school parties. First up was Preston. When I got there, he was already in costume along with the rest of his class. Brian met me there, too, and Preston loved having both of us there. We had snacks, read a Halloween book, did a mummy craft, and played games. At the end of the party, I asked him if he wanted to leave early with me or go to aftercare. He quickly said “aftercare!” and went with all of his friends. 🙂

photo 3 (7)





Poor Preston! His costume was too small! I ordered a Small (4-6) on the website, but clearly, it would really fit a 2-year-old. He didn’t seem to mind that the pants were capri pants and it was a bit tight in the bottom area! haha!

After I left there, I went over to Margo’s school for her party. First of all, it’s just hilarious to have a Halloween party with a group of 12-month-olds. They had no clue what was going on, did not like the costumes, but really enjoyed the party snacks!

photo 5 (1)

photo 4 (2)

Margo left with me and we went back to get P. We headed home to get ready for trick or treating in our neighborhood!

Off we headed to trick or treat, but first we met some neighbors in our front yard for a quick photo op. Have I mentioned how much I love my neighborhood? Nice families, sweet kids, and lots of fun! They have really grown over the years!

Back: Bennett (Spiderman), Case (Darth Vader), Griffin (Doctor) Middle: Caroline (Dorothy), Tyler (Lion), Emery (Unicorn), Emma (Princess Elsa), Anne Marie (Princess Anna), Baby Caroline (Snow Princess), Michael (Olaf), Preston (Big Bad Wolf) Front: Libby (Ladybug) and Connor (Puppy) Not pictured: Margo (Little Red Riding Hood) and Emily (A Bumblebee)

Back: Bennett (Spiderman), Case (Darth Vader), Griffin (Doctor)
Middle: Caroline (Dorothy), Tyler (Lion), Emery (Unicorn), Emma (Princess Elsa), Anne Marie (Princess Anna), Baby Caroline (Snow Princess), Michael (Olaf), Preston (Big Bad Wolf)
Front: Libby (Ladybug) and Connor (Puppy)
Not pictured: Margo (Little Red Riding Hood) and Emily (A Bumblebee)

Margo and Brian stayed home to pass out candy and Preston and I were off. I couldn’t believe the difference in him this year. He totally got it, and I didn’t even have to go to the houses with him. I stood at the street with the other moms, and he ran from place to place, ringing doorbell after doorbell. It’s funny and a little bittersweet to watch him be such a big kid sometimes. We actually trick or treated for over an hour and did the majority of our neighborhood. It wasn’t until the very end, and his bucket was totally full that he said he was ready to go home because his bucket was too heavy! I carried it and we walked home with our next door neighbors in the freezing cold. Such a fun night! Every day since he asks “Can I have a treat from my blue bucket?” and we’ve been using it for rewards. I have to laugh, because Brian ate a piece when Preston wasn’t around, and later, Preston noticed it was gone! I don’t know how he did that, but we had to laugh!
P and T







We got up bright and early the next morning and headed to Pickwick with Marley, Matt and their kids. Getting out of the house was quite a feat, because we hadn’t packed a thing, then we decided to switch everyone’s car seats – P moved to a high back booster and M moved into his convertible seat. We finally figured out the stupid Britax carseat and how to make it rear face again (why do they have to make it so hard?!) and we were off!

It was chilly, but we played outside a good bit and Marley and I went for a long walk/run. The woods are so pretty with the leaves changing, and the kids just enjoyed playing together. Matt cooked burgers and we enjoyed eating dinner together and the best part – putting the kids to bed! We stayed up and watched football and saw the Vols win against South Carolina in overtime. Woo hoo! We stayed up talking and finally called it a night. We got up in the morning and played and ate lunch. The time change threw us all for a loop, and we headed home after lunch.


This girl cracks me up.





They make my heart skip a beat!


Walking Tallulah. Tallulah chased a chipmunk and actually caught it! The kids were amazed and we were all entertained. Thankfully, the chipmunk was okay (we think).


Cute Henry! He was talking up a storm this trip.









She fell asleep on his shoulder during our walk. Definitely due to the “fall back” time change!


Love this pic of the two of them!

Such a fun Halloween weekend spent with friends!


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