First Running Award

All this running and I finally got my first award! Brian kept the kids at home  so I could run in it. When I called him to tell him I would have to stick around for awards, he about had a come apart over how proud he was and that “we need to go out and celebrate!” Haha! Then he told me to get a pic with my award and texted me “rockstar!” I kept telling him this was not a huge deal, but he got so excited it really made me excited too. 🙂 His support for my running is just awesome.

photo (22)

I participated in the Heroes 6K downtown on Saturday. I am kind of picky about races, because they are not free, so I like to find unique ones to try. I also prefer small races, which this one was. I had never been in a race downtown either. I liked that this was a 6K distance, making it a bit longer than most 5Ks and the course was nice. I also liked that it benefited a charity that helps those with substance abuse and mental illness.

Official stats
Time:  30:10
Pace:  8:03/mile
Race Rank:  24
Gender Rank: 5
Age Group Rank:  1

The race was a windy and cold one. At one point around S. Main, I couldn’t feel my toes or fingers! I powered through and was pretty happy with my time. This race did age group awards, and it turns out I ended up getting first place in my age group. I got a nice little medal and plaque. Since the half marathon, I’ve been working hard on speed and have not been doing long runs (5+ miles). The long runs will have to commence soon because I have another half marathon coming up in December. 🙂 This time, I have a PR to break!


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