A Day at the Theatre

This past week and weekend, we battled quite the stomach bug at our house. It started with Margo last week, then Brian got sick, then Preston started throwing up in the middle of the night, and finally me Saturday morning. We actually had to call my in-laws to come rescue Margo on Saturday, because Brian and I were so sick, we couldn’t care for her. We were so incredibly thankful to them for taking her for a bit so the three of us could get well again. Thankfully, we were both feeling a bit better by Saturday night and Preston was 100% better. It’s going all over our city, so lots of people we know are facing the same sick household situation that we are!

I was glad everyone got better, because Preston and I had big plans on Sunday -to see Peter Pan at Playhouse on the Square. Preston met his cousin Eva there and had a really fun time! There was a little Le Bonheur Club party before hand that had food, drinks, crafts, auctions and face painting. It was really cute and got us in the Peter Pan spirit! Then we went into the show, to our 2nd row seats! We were right in the middle of the action and Preston was so into it. He LOVED it and has not stopped talking about it. It was such a high energy show. It’s amazing to me how they can fly through the air and sing high notes – quite impressive! We had a blast and loved having a little date with my little guy. 🙂

photo 2

So excited to meet Captain Hook after the show.


photo 3

Meeting Wendy. She was so sweet!

photo 4

photo 1

Meeting Peter Pan. She was such a great performer!

photo 2

Enjoying our ice cream snack at intermission

photo 3

In the theatre! Preston and Eva sat next to each other and were so good during the show.

photo 4

Blurry, but he was so excited for the show to start!

photo 5

Pretending to be pirates!

photo 1


We had so much fun! I might have to go see it again. Seriously, it was that good and P loved it that much. 🙂


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