Tis the Season to be Busy!

Lots going on lately! We decorated the house for Christmas and went with mostly real greenery this year. While I am loving the smell of our house, it makes quite the mess! It looks so much better than the fake stuff though. 🙂

photo 1

photo 2

photo 3


We’re busy wrapping gifts, making sure kids are going to school with all their food, presents, donations, etc. that the holiday times bring. Running errands, baking and cooking like crazy. Preston enjoyed his first Starbucks red cup! Hot cocoa of course.

photo 4

At the beginning of December, Margo changed to a new daycare closer to our house. We loved her old daycare and will miss her teachers, but we like the new place too and are happy to have her so close. With a new daycare, we were faced with new germs. Margo got sick after a week of being there, and her cold turned into an ear infection. She missed a day, and is slowly making a recovery although hasn’t slept well in a while.

We ended up making it to Enchanted Forest to see Santa, even though Margo wasn’t well. It was the only time we could do it! Thankfully, the kids cooperated and we got a great Santa pic.

photo 2

Best photographer in town. He also uses Elmo to make the kids smile and they don’t even notice Santa. Haha! In this one, Preston was telling Santa he wanted a “flying teenage mutant ninja turtle.”

photo 3

photo 1


Unfortunately, Preston caught some kind of fever virus and he had to miss his school Christmas program, along with a few others in his class with the same virus. We are all (grandparents included) really sad about it, but there is always next year! Speaking of school, we got Preston’s report card from his first half of 3K. We are so proud of our big boy. We’ve had some behavior struggles through most of 2014, and the fact that this report card is so positive is huge for P! Things have really been going so much better for him lately as he gets closer to his 4th birthday. If you are the parent of a strong-willed child and ever need tips, we have tried pretty much everything and read every book and I am happy to share (and vice versa!!). We have found some things that work for P, and are thankful to have a GREAT support system at St. Louis that reinforces.


photo 5

So proud of this page. He knows his numbers and upper and lowercase letters, as well as the sounds that go with all of them. He is such a little communicator!

photo 4

We’re still working on remembering our birthday (let’s face it, January 31st is kind of hard!) and we’re still working on self control and following directions. But, his fine motor skills, gross motor skills, shapes and colors are all right on track.

So proud of P.

Margo’s hair has really been growing and we tried a little ponytail and pigtails for church for the first time this past weekend. She kept the pigtails in for about 2 hours before she ripped them out. Best 2 hours ever. Haha! She looked adorable. She saw her Aunt Mallory in the church nursery and Mal about lost it when she saw Margo in pigtails. Haha!IMG_7427



Of course, Preston wanted his hair done too. Haha!

I cannot believe Christmas is just a week away. Time is flying with these little ones. I just hope they are both healthy by Christmas! Fingers crossed!





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