Kitchen: Chapter 1

I’m planning to keep up with our kitchen chronicles and try to blog the pieces as they happen.

Here’s our current kitchen. It shows the small update we made to it just to make it decent for a few years, while we were saving funds for the remodel.

Well, we’ve already started making progress! We’ve had a couple meetings with our contractor and decided on a few things. Mainly the budget, expense breakdown, timeline, finalized HELOC and even added another small project to the list for our backyard while kitchen work is being done. We start construction mid-April. I can’t wait for the final result and I’m keeping my eyes on the prize! I’m not going to lie. We are SCARED about what is hiding behind those walls. Hopefully, nothing too bad.

Our goals are:
1. Bring the outside in with natural stone.
2. Stay true to the colonial home details.
3. Knock out a wall, bring in natural light and recessed lighting, add an island and flip the living room and dining room.
4. Remodel for OUR function, enjoyment and taste. We’re staying in the house a long time, and we don’t want to regret any choices!

Some of our inspiration kitchens are below, and there are elements from each of these that we’re taking.

Kitchen 1 – this our exact new layout, just a tad smaller on the left side. Trying to decide if I want to do the microwave over the range, or in the island. Brian is worried about back problems from bending over to use a microwave drawer. Of course, being 5’3, I’m tired of reaching up. BUT, I do want the most storage space possible in the island, so we’ll see.


Kitchen 2 – My favorite! I wish I could just pick up the kitchen and put it in our house. This is the colonial feel we want with soapstone or leathered granite and shaker style cabinets with a couple elements of glass (maybe – still not 100% sold). We are using ALL drawers on the bottom and lazy susan cabinets in the corners.


Kitchen 3 – We’re thinking about aged brick floors. We know we don’t want hardwood, since it is in every other room of our entire house, and it’s not functional for our family. I swear our kids spill everything and we do too! I’m a messy cook. Our hardwoods throughout the house have taken such a beating, I can’t imagine them for us in the kitchen! So, we’re thinking about different options for flooring – something that looks aged, like it’s always been there that will blend with the hardwoods everywhere else. Suggestions welcome!



We’ll have a more detailed meeting late March/early April with the cabinet maker where we’ll finalize our cabinet design, layout, etc. I think that will help both of us a lot since we are more visual.

I keep a Pinterest board for all things kitchen where I’ve pinned lots of things we are doing. I’ll keep updating as meetings occur!


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