Snow day!

We had our first “big” snow day with kids. Big for Memphis is around 4 inches. Just enough to play in, cancel schools, close offices and enjoy! It was so pretty.

We got up, made homemade chocolate chip pancakes, downed some coffee and decided to get the kids dressed to go outside and play. AN HOUR LATER, just kidding but that’s what it felt like getting them all bundled up, we were finally headed outside. We have no snow clothes for our children because why waste the money when we haven’t had a decent snow since they have been born, so we did our best.

Margo was not a fan of the snow. She spent a little while outside, but if I put her down to stand in the snow she cried. Her cheeks were so red and dry and she was begging to go inside. We got a few pics of her just standing there like a statue or crying. 🙂





Preston, on the other hand, spent almost the whole day outside. He loved sledding, jumping in the snow, and playing around the neighborhood. He was quite the daredevil on the sled, and almost gave me a heart attack going down the giant hill in our neighborhood. Let’s just say he could be the next gold medalist in the skeleton event at the Winter Olympics. He was sledding until the sun started to set. I made some delicious homemade tomato soup and we all went to bed a little early.


Brian made a quick drive to Mimzie and Bobo’s to borrow a few sleds they had. The kids loved riding on them!




That’s Preston on the green sled going down the hill, and Margo and me in the background.



Playing with Alex and Reed in their front yard


Memories were definitely made and we all had a little fun…. well, everyone except Margo. 🙂 Now, please will schools open again? Our little ones are getting a little stir crazy! 😉 I have to admit, I am too. Today, Preston looked at me and said “Mom, are we going somewhere?” I said, “No, why would you ask that?” and he said “Because you are not wearing pajamas.” It’s pretty bad when your four-year-old notices your lack of trying lately! Ha!

No more snow is expected and the weathermen say spring is on it’s way, but we sure did end this cold winter season with a lot of fun!


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