Another year older

On Sunday, I turned 31. My sister-in-law and I are just a few days apart, so my family had a joint party at my parents house to celebrate. We made homemade pierogies and pasta and had an outstanding meal! It is always a good time at my parents house. Margo and Preston had fun seeing all their aunts and uncles on that side, too. It was really fun!

photo 3 (11)

Pierogi making is serious work

photo 2 (16)

Ready for the skillet

photo 1 (15)

Of course, P had to blow out my candle! He also asked if the presents were for him. Ha!

image (9)


We gave the kids baths and put them in pajamas over there. After that, they were serenaded a bit by my brothers. The kids were dancing and absolutely loved it! They always beg for live music at my parents house and they almost always get it!

We came home that night, put the kids to sleep, and at around 10 or so I started to not feel so good. A little later, I started throwing up and didn’t stop until morning. It was HORRIBLE. I spent my entire birthday laid out in bed, running back and forth between my bed and the bathroom, staying away from my family. I could not attempt to get out of bed until Sunday night and that was just for more Sprite! It was not the best day, but I am so glad we had Saturday night as the main celebration.

I even had to miss work Monday. Being the sweet guy he is, Brian still tried his best to make it special for me. He surprised me with Moscow Mule copper mugs and tickets to see Jonny Lang in April in Tunica. We saw him a long time ago and had a blast- he is so good! I can’t wait to see him again. Brian really spoiled me this year.

My family had some sweet cards, gifts and surprises for me too. So thankful for all of them! Here’s to the thirties!


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