Auction, Soccer & More!

Back in February, we attended the auction that benefits P’s school. It was our first time attending and we got a table with some of the other couples in P’s class. It was really fun! I forgot to mention it back in Feb. I took a couple pictures that night. It was Memphis-themed, and the decorations were super cute. The party was very fun!

photo 2 (19)

Our whole table!


photo 1 (18)

In March, P started soccer. He was excited about it leading up to it, but the morning of, he didn’t want to go. We coaxed a little and he agreed. However, he got out there and had the time of his life! Brian took him while I took Margo to the pediatrician for an ear infection. We arrived for the tail end of it, and Preston had the biggest smile on his face and was having a blast. He asked if he could go every Saturday! He was running everywhere, giving his coach high-fives, and chasing after the ball. It’s a great little intro to soccer if you are in Memphis – here’s the link for what we signed him up for. It’s no pressure and fun for the kids! I’ll have pictures soon!

Also, Brian and Matt participated in a rib cook off in Robert’s backyard. 🙂 Even though they didn’t place, they had a good time cooking ribs and tri-tip and the kids had fun running around!

image (13)

image (14)

photo 4 (7)

P with his godfather and buddy, Robert!


photo 5 (3)

“Where did all the food go?”

photo 3 (12)

Birthdays have been in full swing around here. We went to Declan’s at the Little Gym and Connor’s at his house where Mr. Joe made a visit!

image (12)

Margo sat in the middle and stared at Mr. Joe for quite a while! She didn’t know what to think.


photo 2 (17)

P with a few of his buddies from school

photo 1 (17)

She is quite a fan of the Little Gym!


Also, I have to give Preston some props here. His behavior has been absolutely awesome lately. To my friends and family reading this, we are celebrating nightly here at our house. We are knocking it out of the park, getting all of our stickers at school, using much more respectful tones, and learning that it is okay for others to be first and best sometimes. When you are four, life is pretty hard to figure out, especially for strong-willed little guys, and I think things are really clicking with our little guy. We are proud.

Grandparents Day at P’s school was last week. Mimzie (Brian’s mom) and Mook (my dad) were able to make it. From what I hear, P loved having his grandparents there, and they did a cute little song for them on the stage in the gym.

IMG_2955 (1)

Margo and Preston continue to be best friends. They always ask for each other and are best playmates. They rarely have problems between the two of them, and are happy to share with one another. The only time we have issues is when they play too rough together and we’re worried about one of them getting hurt (usually Margo) but they are truly the light in each other’s lives and it makes us smile.


IMG_7945 copy



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