April Showers

April has been a lovely month. Between Grizzlies playoffs (Brian enjoyed a game with a friend)…

photo 5 (4)


Learning about insects and bugs at school…

photo 4 (8)

He came home with ladybugs. He also did a “fill in the blank” project at school that is hanging up in the classroom. It says “If I were an insect, I would be _______.” Preston’s says “a cockroach so that I could scare people.” Lovely.

Margo deciding that she suddenly doesn’t love sleep so much anymore at night and would prefer to fall back asleep around 8 a.m. She’s passed out in our bed here, still in pjs at 10 a.m…

photo 3 (15)


A belated birthday gift from Brian to see Jonny Lang in Tunica. We made a stop at the TN Brewery Revival downtown. I love dates with him!

photo 2 (22)

Margo turning 18 months old. I am shocked at this. She weighed 24 lbs and was 33 in –  90% for height! Preston tagged along to the appt. Mainly because our pediatrician pulls suckers out from behind ears and Preston lives for it.

photo 1 (21)

Work began in our kitchen! Living without a kitchen isn’t so bad. I have a microwave, electric skillet and frig on our screened porch that is serving us well. We haven’t had to eat out much, and our families have been helping us with meals here and there too. We are still on track with our timeline and cabinets go in the week of May 11. We are waiting until Memorial Day to buy our appliances, but have them picked out. Here is the gutted kitchen with the dining room wall down.

photo 1 (22)

Interior of the dining room wall. You can see just how small our existing kitchen was!



photo 2 (23)

Wall down! It was load bearing, so we stabilized it with a large beam in the ceiling. Plumbing is newly routed here. You can see the new lines in the L-shape wall cut outs. New outlets were added. We only had 2 in our entire kitchen! Now we are up to code and have enough for my small appliance needs. 🙂

 More to come on that.

With all of this, we have been busy!



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