A little weekend getaway with kids

With the kitchen reno in full swing and Brian heading to Atlanta for a work trip, we decided I would fly to Atlanta with the kids, meet Brian there and spend a weekend in Athens and Atlanta.We hadn’t been to Athens since 2009! We were excited to go to the Georgia v. Florida baseball game and walk around town. We were blessed with beautiful weather and we had such a fun time visiting again. We were gone three nights and stayed in three different hotels. The kids were awesome!

Not going to lie, a part of me was a bit nervous about flying by myself with the kids. But having flown internationally many times and seeing parents do that with toddlers, I thought how hard could a one-hour flight be? Other than sitting on the tarmac for an hour extra and running out of snacks, the kids were great and had the time of their lives flying. Preston was beside himself over the whole thing and loved every minute. Preston has always been an excellent traveler from the time he was born, so I knew he would be great. Margo was a wild card, but other than some major restlessness and kicking the woman sitting next to me (sorry!) because Margo wanted to run around, she did great. It was tough with her in my lap because she is so long legged. I brought Dum Dums with me in case of emergency and we had to break them out before the plane took off. Ha! Once we were in the air, they loved looking out the window and calmed a bit.

photo 3 (20)

Watching our plane come into the gate.

photo 2 (28)

photo 5 (7) photo 1 (27)

We stayed Friday night for a brief overnight in Buckhead and got up early to head to Athens. We stayed on campus which was a fun experience! Even though I went to Tennessee and not Georgia for school, I have a special connection to the town because every few weeks in college I would visit Brian and we would have so many fun date nights. To me, it represents where we got to know each other and experience a lot of “firsts” so going back is always thrilling! Whereas Knoxville is dear to me for all the incredible friendships and growing up I experienced there. It is cool to sort of have two college towns you feel connected to.

photo 5 (6)

The scooter goes everywhere we go! It was a little tough navigating the old sidewalks in Athens, but he managed like a champ.


photo 3 (19)

The Dawgs lost the baseball game, but Preston got to meet Hairy Dawg. Another moment where he was ultimately beside himself.

photo 2 (27)



photo 1 (26)

Preston wore himself out at the game and fell asleep on his foam finger!


The kids became obsessed with hotels on this trip. Heading home Monday, Preston started crying. We asked him why he was crying and he said “Because I don’t want to go home! I want to stay in a hotel again!”

photo 4 (10)

No visit to Athens would be complete without a stop at Last Resort. We went to Sunday brunch and the kids loved their Mickey Mouse pancakes!

Sunday afternoon, we drove back to Atlanta and found a park in the city for the kids to burn some energy. They had fun running around we had fun playing with them. After that, we met our friends the Staub’s for dinner at their house in Smyrna. It was so sweet to see them and their precious kids! The kids had fun playing together too. We had a little love connection between Tripp and Margo. Poor Charlotte was a bit under the weather with allergies, but she stayed up and played as long as she could! Such a fun afternoon catching up!


Showing us ninja moves.

IMG_8312 IMG_8321 IMG_8324 IMG_8287We headed home Monday and while we were happy to be home, it was so nice to spend a long weekend with the four of us. There is nothing we love more than family time, so it was great. As the kids grow, we can’t wait to take them to more and more places and on more adventures.


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