Off to Junior Kindergarten!

We celebrated Preston’s end of the year school program for the 3’s class. Because we ended up missing the Mother’s Day program and also the Christmas program, I was so excited about the end of the year program. It was so precious and the teachers in the preschool did a great job. Preston’s grandparents were there, and his aunts Mallory and Brittany. He did a great job performing and singing his songs on stage! Such a great way to end the year.




Margo loved watching the show and clapped and cheered at the end!

IMG_8395 IMG_8404 IMG_8389 IMG_8385 IMG_8380 IMG_8352

We also celebrated my cousin’s graduation from high school and my aunt came in from Pennsylvania. We had a nice time hanging out over there and at my aunt and uncle’s celebrating!


Sister loves to eat!


My mom and my aunts


My brother and adorable sister-in-law who is expecting their first baby! I handed down all of my maternity clothes to her and it’s fun to see her wearing them!


I love dressing little miss and doing her hair. So fun to have a girl!


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